Welcome to the Transportation Department

The Transportation Department requires all bus riders to read and sign the Bus Rules that are attached to this website. An additional note to all Parents the rule still remains in effect that “No student may ride any bus other than the one assigned to your child” This became a policy when Williamston Community Schools went to single runs and buses are at capacity. 

The following are your bus drivers for 2015-2016 school year: 

28- Dawn Dow
27- Kerry Gregg
26- Lori Sierzega
25- Jennifer Loe
24- Terry VanHorn
23- Richard Jennings
22- Amy Johnson
21- David Gregg
20- Janette Ratza
19- Bryan Bottles
18- Craig Moore
17- Kim Wright
16- Beth O'Connor

Any questions or concerns regarding your child’s bus run can be directed to the Transportation Department at (517) 655-1011 or by email vansicp@gowcs.net

Pam VanSickler
Transportation Supervisor and Facility Coordinator

George Dix

Director of Facilities